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Double Deluxe
Pie In The Face Double Deluxe Package Choose The Pie In The Face Package Single Package Single Deluxe Package Double Deluxe Package

Russian Roulette Pie Face Fun

Pie in The Face is absolutely the perfect centerpiece for any event looking for that jaw dropping crowd reaction!

How to Play

Load up the pie tin with whip cream (or shaving cream), randomly set the mystery handle, and get ready for one of the most hilarious game outcomes on the market today!

Fun For All

Without a doubt, a Pie in The Face is just universally funny for all.

Multiple Sizes Available

Available in a number of different configurations, you can choose to buy a standard unit (small panel and mechanism only) or go all the way to a double deluxe package for larger events.

USA: (407)777-3959 CAN: (204)256-6959
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